South Kingsway and The Queensway Interchange

The city of Toronto proposed  interchange changes to this area really are needed, in fact they were needed long before the recent development in the area. Constructed in 1956 –  many people used the access to the Queensway this provided to attend jobs at the Stelco bolt and nut plant, Christies bakery and the recently brought down old Noxema plant at 123 Parklawn Rd. Now it would seem many people from the new residential areas would use  the interchange to go up to Bloor West Village. Just recently the community fought to save the interchange from complete removal. Now there is a determined need for this renew’ why now and not when they wanted to take out the interchange?

from the report

The changes can be made without significantly compromising the integrity and level of service of the ramp connections. Generally, they involve relocating the transit platforms to a more amenable and accessible location, the installation of pedestrian activated traffic control signals, the realignment, augmentation and enhancement of the local sidewalk network, the provision of enhanced street and
pedestrian scale lighting and the provision of inclusion of urban design and landscaping features, heritage elements and new trees

Background Information
Links to June 16, 2008 reports

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