South beach condos and lofts at Parklawn and Lakeshore

Huge is only part of the story regarding this new condo development, situated on land where once sat a cold cream plant  which was converted to industrial rental units and at one time — ten years ago a haven for a few small designer workshops this is a huge change and one of the last big sites for a project as big as this one.

South beach condos and lofts

…is a mix of residential and retail uses uncommon to a development in this area – most of the condos to the east on the old motel lands do not have retail other than a small tuck shop.  Presently their site lacks floor plans and other details such as the project team. Although they have converted the old fruit distrubutor to the sales showroom.  Floor plans would seem something that should be up right away, otherwise what can you picture you are getting for the asking price?

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