Potholes in need of filling

Picture credit – Robbie1 Flickr

Ah……… potholes seem to be the bane of our communities existence!  The pot hole ridden roads are reminiscent of lesser developed countries.  Our cars are suffering and bikers are wiping out while swerving to avoid the craters.  It seems the city has made some recent efforts to repair some of the local roads.  Vine Avenue has recently been asphalted to smooth out the notoriously bumpy road, but it seems that the City is only going to repair half of the length of the street, which leaves a very uneven transition.

Industry best practices dictate that potholes have a greater volume filled below the surface with unshrinkable fill which is a low strength concrete and then capped by asphalt to provide optimal repairs.   It seems the city is not doing this, but a quick fix with asphalt alone.

Chasm in an Asphalt Patch” Toronto Star

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