Vine Parkette is Flush with cash- Will they spend it without your input?

In August of 2006 the community had a meeting in Vine Ave Parkette with the local councilor and the park manager –  the outcome was… the money wasn’t there to replace the equipment, and this sort of thing took a long time. Well someone in the parks department has does a great job and by using development charges levied on developers has put together $40000.00 which is just short of $7000.00 of the $47000.00  the parks manager stated would be the ballpark price to replace the playground equipment.

A long time has passed…the community has been quietly and trustfully waiting…

Well isn’t it time we all contacted the parks department and asked them to accept the communities input?

Parks general email:     Telephone:416-392-1111

Note: Thanks to the reader who drew attention to the current and  immediate need to get the message regarding this issue out… thanks.    Here is a PDF File about the issue at the City site, from which the above images came.

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