Should building models be required of West Toronto condo developments?

To try and win some wants and minds, of condo buyers, developers usually construct a free standing sales pavilion or in an older building on the development site, a well appointed sales suite. Many times these sales office have a mock up of a few of the units.  Yet in an inherently small area as the Junction – encircled with other communities isn’t much more needed?  Small streetscape models built to scale that include current buildings and the new projects would show the new developments effect of the surrounding buildings and would provide most people with a far greater visual picture of the situation. People would be able to use their eyes to walk down the streets and circle around the area under consideration, rather than have to wade though one inch thick reports like the one pictured above, which is only the road impact study for the old Canadian Tire site. Indeed it would give prospective buyers of the new homes or condos a feeling or understanding about their life in the space of the community.

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