Major demo begins at Junction Options for Homes site today.

Village by the Park the Options for Homes development on an old industrial and then retail site in the Junction began major demo on the retail Canadian Tire and A&P stores. (The A&P occupied the top level of the building before CanTire took over the whole building.)
As you can see by the pictures is an easy take down compared with some of the industrial demo that has taken place in the Junction?
This development should prove interesting to watch as it is built, the  1st reason being, how the developers handle the side abutting the CPR tracks, As this is the second development built near the tracks that has the developer responsible for noise abatement, rather than a government body. And while most people who live in the Junction quickly learn they must live with the train noise the noise abatement protection will be most welcome by the purchases of the condos at this site.

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