Less urban fringe growth affects inner WTO Councillors wards

Driving west on the Gardiner Expressway you can four condo cranes south of the roadway, Councillors in WTO really need to look fast and hard at the issue of the quick rise in numbers of the condos, as it will greatly affect all residents. Condominiums will be greater in number in housing units as compared to standalone homes. Yet right now the city is orientated to single standalone homes followed by apartment blocks. Is the WTO going to be ready with services for the change?

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A few days ago the Globe published story – For the first time in generations, developers are now building as much housing inside city limits as they are in outlying suburbs, also it states the age of urban sprwal in Toronto may be over.

This article [opens in new window] from the magazine Canadian Architect speaks to the issue of what’s being built doesn’t challenge any precepts of basic housing. yet the City of Toronto is changing at a rapid rate.

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