Windermere by The Lake condo project

This condo project has views, you must say between Grenadier Pond, Sunnyside and High Park. It has a tower and townhouses. The developer calls the tower a soaring and contemporary. Which they must be basing on all the glass, ok the can have the soaring bit and even the contemporary, yet is that enough for what they had to start with – a great location with 3 wonderful views, some noise from the major road, and room for quite a few townhouses.
When such a good site as this becomes a good design rather than an excellent design encompassing all the possibilities of the area encoded into the design and matched to the wishes and not just the standard needs of prospective buyers, some wondering should occur.
Is it the lack of thought and action on the developer or is it the weakness of the condo buying public, who may be unwilling to purchase a unit in a building that is greater in whole if there is some risk attached to the design.

The town homes in this project do not suffer from the problems described above of the tower they appear from the artist rendering to be well thought out and will be useful and fun to live in. Useful top floor decks will provide and the in ease of living the stacked design of the units.

One of their construction images JUL 08 Windermere by The Lake

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