McLaughlin Motor Car Showroom Heritage Building almost down

The pictures above, taken today, show the fast demo of the McLaughlin Motor Car Showroom Heritage Building.

What is happening at the site?  This excerpt from the City Of Toronto Planning report summarizes the issue well.

The applicant is proposing a 48-storey residential building with a two-storey mixed use
podium that incorporates portions of the existing heritage building. Due to overriding
geotechnical considerations, the existing heritage building will be dismantled and
reconstructed as part of the project and the reconstruction will act as a façade for the
podium for the new building.

The proposal represents the best available solution to resolving various heritage, planning
and technical issues affecting the heritage components of the development. Although
dismantling and reconstructing the heritage façade is not an acceptable strategy in most
cases, the proposed conservation strategy balances a loss of heritage authenticity against
potential substantial damage during the period of construction.

Full report [opens in new window]

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