Are condo developers taking over park development in West Toronto?

The artist rendering plan of the West Toronto condo development above is only an example of the park like setting most west end condo developers are placing in the their multiplex  building projects.

Look at all the park like features included for the use of their customers, in the above example they even include a putting green and a water fall, and a “community” BBQ area.  All of these are great recreational park features, present in many public parks.

Developer efforts made in this manner are great for those who purchase the condos in their development. They will have many of the amenities present in public parks right there at the foot of their building  to use. Greater access and ease of use than using the same conveniences in a public park, which is the worrying part – will private developer parks contribute to the breakdown in ground level community support to public parks.

Why put effort into a community park if the one outside your door is there for me, many people will ask. Of course there are many reasons, such as community cohesion, but thoughts such as these require contemplation and effort which many people do not have the time for in a city that people have come to expect good city parks.

Developer parks something coming upon the west end fast without much realization.

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