West end building facings that define our character

Faux brick was the prevailing asphalt siding style in many cross industrial/residential communities around West Toronto. Although commonly used in Toronto in a rectangle shape ,  wall shingles were marketed in a variety of patterns and colors such as rectangular, hexagonal and pyramidal. This siding material was offered in brown tone, red tone, jade green and tile red over the years with “mortar” lines in white, brown or black.

A finished look to the job could be had by placing accessory strips for inside and outside corners.

This material can be seen around The junction, in the Annex and other areas of WTO.

An interesting aside to the choice of siding issues in WTO is the current use of “suburban” bricks being used in older communities to reface or add new extensions to a particular building.  These “suburban” bricks commonly used to build houses in the new developments around the GTA are substantially bigger in length and  width then the traditional bricks or faux “bricks’ used in  the older west areas. They impart a very different feel to the street-scape. This fall a homeowner on Vine Ave. near the Parkette used “suburban” bricks  to reface the front of a house. Take a look it’s very easy to find during a stroll, by comparing bricks of a few houses as you pass by.

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