Roundhouse Rail Heritage, a lot to work on…

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The John Street Roundhouse was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway (“CPR”) in 1929
to service the steam locomotives that hauled CPR passenger trains into the new Union
Station. When steam engines were finally retired in 1959-60, the Roundhouse was
converted to servicing diesel locomotives and it remained in service until 1986.

This report details progress on the implementation of the Rail Heritage Museum initial phase of Rail Heritage Museum involves three bays of the Roundhouse and re-establishing a modest portion of the rail
heritage landscape to help interpret the site. This will be accomplished by placing radial
display track from the turntable into the park to showcase the rail artifact collection
consisting of locomotives and other rolling stock, and opening a series of restored railway
structures to the public, including the original Don Station which is being moved from
Todmorden Mills.

It also impact that a new hydro transformer station (Hydro One) might have on this National Historic Site.

Other interesting sections of the report

Roundhouse Rail Heritage
The Toronto Railway Historical Association is a registered Canadian charitable
organization, established in 2001, to promote the development of the museum at the
Roundhouse. The vision of TRHA for the Rail Heritage Museum is to link three
component sites: the Roundhouse, Roundhouse Park and Union Station. While the
TRHA has undertaken various actions such as participation in the annual Doors Open
event to promote interest in the Rail Heritage Museum as well as organizing regular
public tours of Union Station, it has not been possible for them to prepare a detailed
operational plan due to the remaining uncertainties with the Roundhouse restoration and
other issues.
The TRHA working with the Tenant, City staff and other appropriate
stakeholders have been able to resolve the following:
1. Resolution of rail cars ownership issues
2. Finalization of plans for the integration of the Rail Heritage Museum within
Roundhouse Park
3. Finalization of condition assessments for the restoration of various rail heritage
elements such as the Coal and Sanding Tower, Don Station and Cabin D
4. Development of a cost plan for the capital needs of the Museum and
establishment of an operating direction (with help from the Museum of Science
and Technology)
5. Formulation, in consultation with Parks, Forestry and Recreation; Preservation
Services; and Planning, for the Restoration of the Coal/Sanding Tower, a park
lighting scheme, landscape improvements and interim construction access

John Street Roundhouse –  city changes Full report [opens in new window]

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