Toronto parking Auth. plan for new sign at 400 Keele St. Lot

With an American company named Allvision with a office in Mississauga, the City of Toronto is attempting  to understanding the value of existing and undeveloped outdoor advertising assets, to
advise and provide a city-wide strategic plan for the TPA’s aging outdoor advertisement
portfolio. The existing portfolio of signs were all built prior to amalgamation and are
located in 3 of the 4 new community council areas
. {city report}

Allvision remit was to update the overall aesthetics of the signage, they did this by solicited offers from qualified bidders to modernize and replace the existing portfolio of signs, the city report claims the result was a significant upgrade in terms of appearance and quality, which could be said to be true looking at the before and after images from the report.

The columns have been designed by internationally renowned designer Jeremy
Kramer (designer of new street furniture in Toronto).

This report provides supplemental information to the sign variance application presented by
Mr. Lorne Persiko,
Vice President, Real Estate & Development on behalf of the Toronto Parking Authority, for approval of variances for a newly designed Illuminated, Trivision Ground sign at 400 Keele Street.

STAFF REPORT INFORMATION ONLY Full report [opens in new window]

Picture Credit – City of Toronto Reports

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