City of Toronto Union Station Bicycle Station user fees.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Dustin Diaz

The newly planned Bicycle Stations will operate on a fee-based system to offset the part annual operating costs and to provide controlled access to and use of the facility

A. Registration Fee of $25.00;
B. 1-Day Parking Fee of $2.00;
C. 1-Month Parking Plan Fee of $20.00;
D. 4-Month Parking Plan Fee of $60.00;
E. Access Card Replacement Fee of $25.00; and
F. Overstay Fee of $10.00 per day to a $90.00 max

The fees recommended in this report will apply to the Union Station Bicycle Station and
to future Bicycle Station bicycle parking facilities.

from the report

The Union Station Bicycle Station involves the remediation and renovation of a 190
square metre area in the York West Teamway
to create a secure, access controlled, indoor
bicycle parking facility to serve bicycle commuters. The Bicycle Station will provide
approximately 180 secure bicycle parking spaces and will include a small office space
and a change room. The Bicycle Station will be a staffed facility, which will operate on a
24-hour basis, providing access for registered members and non-registered drop-in
customers during regular weekday staffed hours and access for registered members only
during after-hours and on weekends. The Union Station Bicycle Station is currently under construction and will be open to the public in the Spring of 2009. A second Bicycle
Station is in the design stage and will be constructed in conjunction with the revitalization
of Nathan Phillips Square.

Data: City of Toronto [link to staff report opens in new window]

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