Asking Price $2,700,000 or cap rate of 6.8%
Asking Price $2,700,000 or cap rate of 6.8%



From the Listing…

The Property
The Property is comprised partially of a two storey plus lower level building plus a one storey addition containing a total of 26 attractive live and work units with high ceilings and impressive window coverage. The land area is approximately 23,217 square feet (0.533 acre) with frontage on Weston Road of 187 feet and an overall depth of approximately 124 feet. 

Official Plan
The Current Official Plan classifies the property within an area of “General Use Areas – Mix of Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Use” allowing for a mix of commercial, institutional, and industrial uses that will be environmentally compatible with adjacent and neighbouring uses. The New Official Plan classifies the area as “Neighbourhoods” which is simply for residential use, permitting amongst other uses walk-up apartments and existing uses to continue provided such a use was legal prior to the implementation of the Official Plan. 


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