Toronto's offical plan on rail corridors no longer required for rail uses


As things and uses are changing in the railways areas of wards 11,13,14,17, and 18 it may be prescient for everyone to take notice of the City of Toronto’s view towards disused rail corridors, as set out in the official plan.  The Railpath project currently is being built on a  a railway corridor no longer used for railroad purposes.  maybe there are other uses of newly disused areas?

…from the Official Plan

The Official Plan designates the subject property as Utility Corridors (see Attachment 4).
Utility Corridors are hydro and rail corridors primarily used for the movement and
transmission of energy, information, people and goods. The Plan states that a hydro
corridor may also be used for secondary purposes such as parks, trails and parking and
that rail corridors no longer required for rail uses, are to be protected for future use as
public transportation routes, bicycle and pedestrian trails and telecommunications and
electrical corridors where appropriate.

Official Plan states that where appropriate, development or redevelopment on landsm nearby or adjacent to Utility Corridors will:

(a) Protect for access to any potential bicycle and pedestrian trail or park and open
space, and provide access where such a recreation facility exists; and
(b) Screen and secure the property edge through such measures as setbacks, fencing,
site grading, berms, landscaping, building treatment and construction techniques.

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I've heard rumours of a plan to create a pedestrian and cyclist path that would bridge the west and east sides of the CN/CP rail tracks just north of St Clair Ave West at the hydro corridor. There was mention of this by the consultants for the Avenue Study for St Clair West, as well as by a city councillor. With the development of 30 Weston Rd scheduled for opening December 2010, it would seem an ideal time to plan for a pedestrian and bike path along the hydro corridor. That would at least reduce some of the automobile traffic in the area as well as create a safe cycling path for those of us who want to travel east-west without using the underpass. A cyclist path along the hydro corridor would also be a way to link up to the path that begins at Davenport and Old Weston Rd.

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