West Toronto Diamond project notes


1) West Toronto Diamond project moves closer to towards Junction Road, the image to right was taken on March 23rd 2009 at Junction Rd and Old Weston Rd.


Example of the various models of the Silent Tubular Piler available
Example of the various models of the Silent Tubular Piler available

Seemingly most suitable for the piling jobs in urban districts where noise and/or vibration is strictly regulated. This tubular piler which can be used to insert PT piles, such as the type being used at the West Toronto Diamond project.

Details of P-T Interlock
Details of P-T Interlock pile being used for the West Toronto Diamond project (measurements are probably slightly different)

Delcan, During the detailed design, tried a number of methods in testing for the best method.

The methods used for
the test piling included: diesel hammer, conventional vibratory driver, and variable moment
vibratory driver.
This test was intended to include silent piling; however due to equipment
demands elsewhere, Giken could not provide equipment at the time of the demonstration.
[1. Transportation Association of Canada  presentation] Click here to download a copy of the Giken Tubular Piler


here to view a PDF of the Crush piler pictured in the Transportation Association of Canada presentation paper.

3) A new Facebook group has been created by concerned citizens.

…from the Facebook basic info

GO Transit are in their primary phases of construction in and around the West Toronto Diamond. Using an archaic method of PILE DRIVING, residents near and far have suffered from ear-shattering noise and vibrations equivalent to earthquakes of a 3-4 magnitude on the Richter scale.  

The community welcomes improvements to public transit, but the debilitating effects on the life of local residents and businesses are unacceptable.

When the community was first contacted about this project they were told that there would be minimal noise and disturbance but this is clearly not the case. Instead of using quiet hydraulic pile driving as eluded to in initial environmental assessments, GO chose the cheaper way… With the most noise pollution, environmental pollution (PDs use a 2-stroke diesel engine) and general damage to buildings possible.

Facebook group

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High frequency vibro hammers or hydraulic impact hammers would have solved a lot of the problems. Sorry to the contractor but diesel hammers are banned in many countries and in most cities for both their noise and other pollution levels.
Lots of articles about this all over the world.

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