Rally for noise and shutter happening with the West Toronto Diamond construction

Rally will be located outside of  18 Hook Ave. on Friday March 27th at 3pm (today)

The West Toronto Diamond GO Transit expansion construction noise and vibration levels are affecting the residents along the construction path of the work, which is on railway land. In some cases to distraction and worry.

The work currently stretches over 3 a three block area from Dundas St West. and Annette St.  and  is heading West towards Junction Rd. The residents are protesting  the construction noise and vibration levels as well as GO Transit’s failure to deal with them in a reasonable manner in their view. This probably is not GO Transit’s view, but you can  attend tomorrow and see for yourself.

The drivers at Junction Rd and Old Weston Rd Today
The drivers at Junction Rd and Old Weston Rd Today

It is important to note that this is the 1st phase of the construction process in this project and there at least 5 more, work  currently  involves the driving of the PT piles, after which another contractor will remove the soil from within the two lines of piles. Then others.

Local elected persons, Cheri DiNovo, (Ontario) MPP for Parkdale-High Park and city Councillor Gord Perks (Toronto) will attend and Gerard Kennedy has been invited.  Remember community strength is with community residents who participate, and Cheri Di’Novo, Gord Perks  and Gerard Kennedy need to see how concerned the community is about this issue – so your feet on the pavement will help a lot.

Please see the related posts below for further technical information on the project.

Google map  link to 18 Hook Ave


I'll start by saying I know you won't post this, as I've learned in my short time living in the Junction that dissenting voices are stifled in most debates in this area (*ahem* sonnyphono's article about the Junction Sq), but I still feel the need to make my point

In reality, this is a short term pain for long term gain. The residents need to realize that progress, such as burying the railbed, is going to come at a cost. And i'm sorry to say that ESPECIALLY in this case, they need to suck it up for the greater good of the community.

No one will be bellyaching when they can ride their bikes down to (pretty much) the waterfront without ever encountering a vehicle.

Now, on with you all to plan the next art related event (like we don't have enough already)

I can imagine it to be extremely loud. I live far away from the construction site near Runnymede, and I can hear the noise distinctly (though obviously I live too far to find it unbearable). And if it was at least for a short amount of time like a few days, but it must go one for weeks (months?).

I think GO needs to suck it up for the greater good of the community.

Actually, Junction Joe, I read the comments and the article about the piledriving, and people's anger is justified regarding the noise. GO/Metrolinx has been told a better, more respectful way of piledriving, yet they have contested in federal court whether they have to use these methods. Metrolinx is continuing to damage people's property and quality of life, when they know how not to, yet they are contesting the right to do so. That makes Metrolinx a bully, out and out.

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