Are rain gardens especially suited for small Junction front yards

small rain garden watered from runoff
Small rain garden watered from runoff

What is a Rain Garden?
 A rain garden is a shallow depression planted with native flowers and grasses and positioned to receive runoff from roofs, sidewalks, driveways and lawns allowing water to slowly soak into the ground.  As a water quality and conservation system, it works to; filter runoff from your roof and lawn, recharge the groundwater, gather, hold and then use rainwater thus saving precious water resources.

 Why plant a Rain Garden?   —Rain gardens are an inexpensive, simple to implement and environmentally sound solution to stormwater runoff.
 A Rain Garden will:  
·         Reduce standing water in your yard & opportunities for mosquito breeding                                              ·         Filter runoff pollution·         Recharge local groundwater·         Create habitat for birds & butterflies·         Enhance sidewalk appeal·         Increase beneficial insects that eliminate pest insects                            ·         Reduce potential of home flooding·         Improve water quality·         Protect rivers and streams·         Reduce garden maintenance and increase garden enjoyment·         Conserve water
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Interested in installing a rain garden at your home? A  guide from , “Rain Gardens in Connecticut: a Design Guide for Homeowners, provides simple yet detailed information on how to construct a rain garden at your own home.

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