67 Vine Ave finally attended to after fire of May 30 2008

67-vine-aveFriday April 3rd    

It is 308 days or 10 months, 4 days from the fire date to the 1st day of interior cleanup, at this property. Recently homeless people have moved in and proably moved out today as workers entered the house to remove fire debris.

This was simply too long for the owner to suffer the community.



This was achieved by one phone call to the municipal standards dept. Phone call was made Tuesday, clean up started Friday.

The people that own 67 Vine also own the other 4 derilict houses on Vine. 2 of the houses are attached and leaning/falling over badly, the third has a tennant but is in extremely poor repair and the 4th has been boarded up since the 60's. How is it that a house can remain vacant for 48 years? Who pays the taxes? What's really going on here? This deserves a story.

Yes various people involved with this blog have been researching this issue, the name of the company holding the houses is Niazi Holdings Inc. and the company is registered to an address on Evelyn Ave.

Where are the other two? I looked up all the houses on Vine and Pacific north of Dundas the other day, and only the two attached beside 67 were listed as owned by them.
Good work, by the way.

There are 4 right in a row. There is 67, east of that are the two leaning ones and east of that are 2 more in very poor condition, one boarded up since 1960s (has PACE VISUALS sign on it) and the one attached to that has huge gaping holes in the roof and looks empty although somebody does live inside.

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