195 & 203 Oakmount Road, 200 Keele Street


This development proposal has a lot to do with the discussion of density and the unusual plan to sever the  rear portion of yard.This Google search of the sever issue indicates this request is not put forward by applicants much at all.

While the west end of Toronto is going into a new and long phase of greatly increasing the density, severing backyards will somehow greatly change the characteristic common size yard in the community. This will affect the spatial characteristics and site provisions  Minimum lot size, building height, bulk, setback, and yard requirements that are ..requisite to maintaining the vernacular of the built community 

Want the developer wants  a excerpt from city staff report…

The applicant is proposing to sever the rear portions of 195 and 203 Oakmount Road and add it to the property at 200 Keele Street to construct a two block, three-storey, 24-unit condominium townhouse development. The existing 15-unit rental townhouse block will be demolished

and a reminder this application has stated that 119 trees are slated for removal

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