West Toronto Junction Literary Walking Tour and Pub Crawl Recap

By way of the West Toronto Junction Hisortial Society we have been able to post this article by Joseph Romain









The Annette Street Branch was the host and point of departure for the West Toronto Junction Literary Walking Tour and Pub Crawl with ONE BOOK author Glen Downie on Saturday, April 19 from 2 – 5 pm.literary-tour-april-18-2009-038

 About 85 people gathered in the basement of the library where librarian Pam Mountain introduced, through a trick of quantum metaphysics, Elizabeth McCallum (AKA: Madeleine Mcdowell ) the first librarian of the Annette Street branch. McCallum recounted highlights of her tenure in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s . and she introduce A.B. Rice, (AKA actor and historian Neil Ross) the chair of the library board, local newspaper editor, and social notable. Rice explained the plan for the afternoon (literary sidelights along the quickest route to the pub…) and introduced the late, local poet  ‘Gwendolyn McEwan’ (aka: Kristen Buckley). McEwan read “Magical Cats”, and Ross led the group out to the street where more people were lingering and waiting for the tour.literary-tour-downie-at-pub-april182009-049

 The crowd shuffled through the neighbourhood, stopping to listen to historical literary and architectural highlights, and wound up in the back patio of the Troubador Pub on Dundas street, where Downie held court, reading from Loyalty Management. When Downie had finished, community poets took the stage, and we heard three rounds of really excellent poetry.

 In all, more than 95 people took in the event, (far more than the pub’s patio could hold!) and a good time was had by all.

literary-tour-april-18-2009-012Madeleine Mcdowell,Pam Mountain

 Our partner in this ONE BOOK program, the West Toronto Junction Historical Society, did a fantastic job putting on the program without a hitch. The actors, especially Neil Ross were amazing, and avoided the possible ‘corny’ affect of historical characterizations. Pam Mountain and the staff at Annette Street were very successful in promoting the program, and provided yeoman networking and infosharing among all the partners in the project.

 Please find some pictures of this really great event! (Two librarians, no waiting: McCallum and Mountain, Crowd Walking around Junction, Downie at the pub, etc.)


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Growing up in the North Junction area I and my cousin really enjoyed the tour and of course J.D. Rice was especially humorous, it brought back many memories of the the places and shops that we frequent. Oh I remember Taylors shoes where I bought my winter boots that came up to my knees, upon reaching home my Mother was very upset saying that they would not be comfortable, well, wearing them for 1 day I realize that they were very uncomfortable and went back to Taylors where they gave me a refund. I also remember walking from Runnymede & St. Clair to Annette Public Library to join and upon having to have my parents signature walked all the way home and back and enjoyed many an afternoon listening to the storytime. Please keep the tours coming, we thoroughly enjoyed them very much!!

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