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For all of you that have emailed the blog about what is happening at 2955 Dundas St. West… here it is- with a missive from the people working to get going there. This store is in a great location in the Junction, especially for afternoon and evening sun, as well on the south side of Dundas St West, with Green P parking, and possible rear entry as well as front…is now up for a period of sublet (scroll down to the next post after reading this one or check here to see this post  on the idea of a popup store for this location temporarily)

You may have noticed the brown paper in the window and the Margaret Mead quote, and wondered who we are.   We are the Foundation, a special kind of veggie restaurant and we are located at 2955 Dundas St. West  We have been trying to open here in the Junction since last summer.  Simultaneously we begun the process of adopting our second child…the adoption was suppose to take years…the restaurant was suppose to take months…we had a plan.  Never make a plan…that should be our new quote.  The adoption has come through surprisingly fast and we need to dedicate some time to our growing family, last week we thought we were going to have to pack it in…but since, we have discovered that maybe we can simply put a hold on the project for a year.  That would be nice…perfect in fact.  In order to do that we have to sub lease our large and open space . It is full of love…and waiting.

the specs.

monthly sublet from June 2009 to March 2010.

It is 1700 square feet on the main floor with an equal unfinished basement.

The rent is 1850.00.

It will keep the dream alive.

My name is Amy.  You can contact me at ttawoods2@hotmail.com.

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