St Clair Ave West TTC extension under subway at Keele St


The St Clair Ave West TTC work continues moving along quickly – here a contractor is changing utility services


Not sure, but I think this might actually be east of Keele, between Weston & Old Weston Roads.

I'd just like to add that the word "subway" is sometimes confusing – particularly when used with "TTC" – as people think of subway trains. If I'm correct, "subway" in this instance refers to an underpass, where land has been dug away to allow a road to pass underneath another thoroughfare (in this instance, rail tracks). I don't believe the TransitCity plan actually calls for subway trains/tunnels along St. Clair in this area.

The bridge pictured above is just EAST of Keele, on St. Clair, heading towards the Weston Flea Market.

This underpass should have been rebuilt to be wider. The streetcar ROW is going to create a bottleneck, and the added traffic concentration will not be safer for cyclists.

The rail line along st clair between avenue road and dufferin is already too tigthly squeezed for cars. hopefully it can be a little wider from caledonia to keele.

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