Jane’s Walk Weston photos from- Saturday May 2nd


Jane’s Walk in the Weston area of Toronto this past weekend encompassed historical architectural elements as well as having one of the longest stops on the walk  relate to the current conditions regarding poverty in the area.  At least two members from the Frontlines community organization went along on the walk   and related the poverty scenario in a caring manner yet effectively delivered the message that Weston has a distinct social mix of poverty and the comfortably heeled. Retaining a sense of the feel of small community many characteristics of being an urban community in a large city, including a diverse population inscribe a community in social redevelopment.

Weston residential buildings run from heritage homes to high rises – often yard to yard.  The Humber River, moves through the community on the very close to Weston Rd, yet you would not know it, driving down Weston Rd.




There were about 40 people who attended the walk and one police car which was great as they stopped traffic as the group moved through the streets.

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