fuzzyboundaries meeting tonight

Photo credit City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 200, Series 372, Sub-series 1, Item 193 and www.fuzzyboundaries.ca
Wednesday, May 13 at 7p.m. at the Perth Avenue Housing Cooperative (120 Perth Ave ). Local history buff Michael Monastyrskyj will show some old photos, and Urban Planner Beate Bowron will speak about neighbourhood identities. A Q&A will follow. All are welcome to attend this free event

from there site…

Who are we, and why are we fuzzy?

We are a small but growing community group hoping to find an official name for our neighbourhood. We call ourselves “fuzzy” because our boundaries are intentionally undefined. We want to be as inclusive as possible, but very roughly we think of our community as stretching from Davenport to the base of Perth Avenue, and filling in the area between the train tracks that run east of Dundas and west of Lansdowne. Our mission to name this orphaned zone has the support of Councillor Adam Giambrone, and our group includes members from Dig IN, the South Junction Triangle Residents Association, the Rankin Crescent Community Garden, Perth Avenue Co-Op, and the Perth Avenue Park Community Festival.

What’s in a name and why does our neighbourhood need one?

We are not out to name the neighbourhood ourselves, but to inspire the community to choose a name, or perhaps to make one of the names already in use official. On the City of Toronto Neighbourhood Map, our area is part of a large section named Dovercourt-Wallace-Emerson-Junction

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This is an interesting idea, and I'm sorry I won't be able to attend. I especially like that this is drawing attention to the fact that neighbourhoods and communities not only change and morph over time, but that they aren't mutually exclusive.

By the sounds of things, the "boundaries" they're using include part of the historical Junction, that being the area between Davenport and the CPR tracks, east of the Diamond and west of the tracks near Landsdowne. In fact, this is some of the oldest part of the Junction, as it includes parts of the villages of Carlton and Davenport which actually PREDATE the entity of West Toronto Junction.

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