51 Vine Ave Owner Dumping to Street



This trailer and a tarped cube truck parked on Vine Ave between Pacific and Keele are from the empty lot at #51.  The city gave notice to the owner (image below) that the lot, filled with various items and old vehicles, could not be used for outdoor storage and would need to be cleared.  It seems the street itself will be the new storage space for some of the items until residents complain and the city tows them away.  The question is, who will be ultimately paying for those tows and what happens to the old man who has been residing in this trailer for years?  The JRA, at the request of local residents, will be making inquiries into the story behind this story.

May 16th 2009  data from city inspection site
May 16th 2009 data from city inspection site


I just called the city street bylaw dept. at 416-394-8418. They said "oh we'll take care of that!" Good-bye trailer. If it isn't gone in the next few days I'd encourage everyone to call it in.

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