Councillor Saundercook's motion today – rather good

Councillor Bill Saundercook has moved the following motion on the Roncesvalles Avenue Streetscape Study: (

That Council adopt the following recommendations of the Toronto Pedestrian Committee, contained in the letter (April 28, 2009) from the Committee [PW24.5a]:

1. The Toronto Pedestrian Committee be included in the review of future road projects, particularly those with streetcar stop alterations.

2. Given that the parking supply in the recommended alternative is greater than the observed peak demand, the next phase of design work investigate the possibility of removing additional parking spaces in low demand areas in order to widen sidewalks or provide bicycle parking.

how the local concillors voted …

Votes and Motions on Roncesvalles Avenue Streetscape Improvements

Motion to Adopt the Item as Amended (Carried)

5/27/2009 11:18:17 AM “PW24.5 – Adopt the item as amended” 34 yea+5 nay,2/3 maj,quorum
YES Ashton YES Augimeri YES Bussin [Chair] YES Carroll YES Cho YES Davis YES De Baeremaeker YES Del Grande YES Di Giorgio YES Filion YES Fletcher YES Giambrone YES Grimes YES Hall YES Jenkins YES Kelly YES Lee YES McConnell YES Mihevc YES Milczyn YES Miller YES Moscoe YES Nunziata YES Palacio YES Pantalone YES Parker YES Perks YES Perruzza YES Rae YES Saundercook YES Stintz YES Thompson YES Vaughan YES Walker

NO Ford NO Holyday NO Minnan-Wong NO Ootes NO Shiner


Yes this is a positive motion. I find it laughable that whoever approved the re-design has nixed bike lanes along the proposed street rejuvenation invoking the misguided opinion that only people who arrive in cars are there to buy. The lack of bike lands down Roncevalles is firmly against the City's mandate to increase bike lanes across Toronto.

Councillor Saundercook’s motion in what I read to be a deep look into the situation, and the cities need to use the pedestrian committee in such projects, should be a given.

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