30 Weston Rd. So… much equipment


Priestly Demolition moved a vast amount of  equipment onto  the 30 Weston Rd site as of now – counted 30 large pieces.  Either they have run out parking spaces elsewhere for this stuff, or they intend on leveling the building on site  at a record pace even for this company.

They are deconstructing the Bunge plant at St Clair and Old Weston Rd, for the development of a new shopping centre.

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The latest word from the developer is they could start construction late this year with 12 to 14 mouths to complete build phase. New target opening date is spring 2011.

The stakeholders working group sessions have been completed and a public open house should be later this summer as the developers head into the zoning phase of this massive development.

Site drawings can’t be posted but they are available for review at the JRA meetings.

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