City staff to conduct planning study of St. Clair Ave. W. & Caledonia Rd


City text highlights from the report..

At its meeting held on February 9, 2009, the Etobicoke York Community Council directed City Planning staff to conduct an immediate zoning and planning study of the St. Clair Avenue West and Caledonia Road area, and report to the Etobicoke York Community Council prior to July 2009 with recommendations to enhance and protect the residential character of the community, and eliminate all uses incompatible with that residential character (.

ISSUE BACKGROUND [link full city report]

The subject study area is generally located west of the St. Clair Avenue West and Caledonia Road intersection. The area bounded by the south limit of the properties fronting onto the south side of St. Clair Avenue West, from the rail corridor to Caledonia Park Road on the south, Caledonia Road to the east, Lambert Avenue to the north and a CNR rail corridor to the west. The lands within the study area are fragmented in ownership and presently occupied by the following uses:

1. warehouses

2. social clubs (and accessory restaurant uses)

3. concrete batching yard

4. supply yard (outdoor storage)

5. coffee shop (take-out restaurant)

6. automobile sales establishment

7. a City owned closed road allowance

To the west of the study area is a CNR rail corridor, with St. Clair Gardens and Neighbourhoods designated lands comprised of grade related dwellings, which abut the rail line to the west. To the north are Neighbourhoods designated lands with grade related dwellings. To the east, north of the properties fronting onto St. Clair Avenue West, are Neighbourhoods designated lands with grade related dwellings and Prospect Cemetery further east. Properties fronting onto the north side of St. Clair Avenue West are designated Mixed Use Areas, which have been included within the Avenue Study for St. Clair Avenue West. On the south side, east of the study area is Earlscourt Park, which is designated Parks and Open Space Areas – Parks.

To the south are lands that are designated Utility Corridors.

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