West Toronto Railpath Opening Parade Saturday, June 20, 2009

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A ribbon-cutting and community bike parade to celebrate the opening of the West Toronto Railpath. Come and discover the new path. For info or to get involved email railpathopening@gmail.com

Presented by:
Friends of the West Toronto Railpath
Date: Saturday, June 20, 2009
Start time: 02:00 PM End time: 03:30 PM
Rain date:

Wallace Avenue east of Symington at the entrance to the West Toronto Railpath. Under the pedestrian bridge.
Web site: www.railpath.ca
On-site food or beverages Kid-friendly Bike racks


Any idea if this is just a ribbon cutting ceremony, or can you actually ride the stretch of the path that has already been completed, heard that the path wont be actually ready for public use at least for a few more weeks. Havent heard anything in the media and their website railpath.ca hasnt been updated since Feb 09….

This event sounds pre ribbon cutting, no?

I'm out of the country right now but would love to hear an update from someone who has seen the railpath recently (or better, pictures…) When I last saw it, the path was landscaped for the most part, it was also fenced and had light poles. As for the path itself, it had been graded … but does anyone know if it has since been paved? Thanks, happy cycling.

Railpath has poor communication. Their website is updated infrequently, and I sent them an email a few months ago about the project and never received a response.

The segment from Dupont to Dundas West has been paved and landscaped and is indeed already being put to good use by cyclists, joggers, kids and dogwalkers – it's a wonderful addition to our neighbourhood. The will be treelined and vines have been planted along most of the fences, can't wait for the "tunnel of green" to be in full effect.

railpath is a great way to get from the junction to the bridge at Dundas/sterling rd. its a shame that it doesn't continue downtown as planned…any idea when/if this is actually going ahead?
there's a couple of sections of rough gravelly areas but I've been riding it every day.. if they ever complete phase 2 it will go all the way to strachan which will be amazing!

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