Update on 88 Mulock Avenue – Committee of Adjustment

Committee of Adjustment approves application by the The Society of St Vincent of Paul of Toronto to construct a TWO-STOREY addition, as well as a second storey addition to the property at 88 Mulock Avenue

This update provided by blog reader PJ

After waiting 5.5 hours to deliver their plea, four Mulock Avenue residents and Councillor Nunizata herself were present at the Committee of Adjustment meeting late yesterday, to decide on 88 Mulock Avenue’s application to expand their existing compound by over 50%!  The three members of the committee debated for a few minutes, and ultimately granted the variance, but made it conditional on the owners not increasing the number of residents they accommodate (ie. – eleven

Although locals are thankful for the condition that was placed on the variance, the real issue had been the monstrous expansion.

FYI, the Committee’s decision was based on the following input at the hearing:


The owners’ assertion that their 11 residents need a bit more space (ie. – a 50% increase in gross floor area!)


A petition with 77 signatures from locals, Numerous letters from locals,Four residents present for five and a half hours waiting for their turn,Two residents who got up to speak

The good councillor likewise waiting almost six hours to voice her opposition

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