City Council – Light Rail Vehicles meeting today and a great background post about the issue at

Over at a blog about transit and politics there is a great post about

How Many Streetcars Do We Need?

an excerpt…

Recent comments by Adam Giambrone, Chair of the TTC, suggest that 30 to 40 percent of the streetcar fleet is out of service in the shops, and that bus substitution will be required on some routes come the fall.

Those of us who follow the TTC have been waiting for a definitive fleet plan for some time, and hope to see one, finally, in the July Commission Meeting Agenda.  [link to full post]

Info on the city meeting about the issue today.

City Council Agenda – Meeting 37 (Notice of Meeting)

  • CC37.1 – report (June 25, 2009) from the City Manager and the Deputy City Manager and Chief Financial Officer, headed “Purchase of 204 Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) – TTC Capital Funding”
    Background Information

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