High street plants on Dundas St. West

So full of life?

The plants in the raised planters and at sidewalk level on Dundas St West level were brought up in a conversation recently. Although the conversation was about the current condition of plants. Many are uncared for and not watered in many areas along the strip – although some store keepers are personally maintaining the planters and plants near their store, it bought about the question of the planters as part of the community. The planters which are 50/50 cost share between the city and a local JBIA (Junction Business Improvement Area) for the planters   (which can be read as an 50/50 cost share between the businesses and the residents) with the Junction BIA also providing the plants, are an important addition to the street-scape. Their health is very important to the public life of Dundas St West as the deterioration of the plants will result in negative views of the community from within and without.

An the present time  the BIA management has takes on the responsibility of ensuring planters are planted and watered.  Should it remain this way? It would seem logical if the JBIA does maintain the planters, yet if they do not maintain the planters should not the city take on their upkeep?

The planters are part of the community that has considerable impact on the whole neighbourhood.  The planters were 1st put in about 30 years ago  after the JBIA was created in 1973.

Again the blog simply wants to interest people in the Junction with information about aspects of the community that may not be know to everyone such as the 50/50 partnership outlined above.


I hadn't heard about this 50/50 arrangement described before, but I did think it was the BIA's own initiative to plant & maintain the planters, trees & flowers along the strip. (It is a shame when I see people using the planters as their personal benches, ashtrays and garbage cans though…) .also you posed the question: should the responsibility remain that of the BIA's? I don't see them letting go any time soon. Even if they fail at it.

Has anyone seen a neighbourhood with a community allotment of the planter boxes?

People in the community or a business could adopt a box and plant it as they see fit, if the BIA agrees to water I could see people signing up to a program like that.

I’m sure the BIA wouldn’t go for it because they lose control over consistency but it would be nice to stroll the high street looking at the designs.

Is that another person with the initials A.R., because I didn't leave that comment. I guess I'll have to use a more original name in the future to avoid any confusion.

I do not understand how individuals (or business for that matter) have become so lazy and inept of pride of their business area. How hard is it for people to open their business door in the morning, give the side walk a quick sweep , pick-up the garbage and water the flowers. How hard can that be? We complain all the time about taxes, etc and yet we continue to ask governments to do the smallest things. We have civic responsibilities we give up and just expect others to pick-up the slack. Why can't the BIA hire a company to pick-up all the garbage from the businesses and street and share the cost. OK so it costs an extra $X, it can't break that much of the bank. We changes people perceptions of the Junction. Be leaders, not whiners.

I think that one issue is that this year the weather forecasters seem to be wrong quite often, often saying that it will rain when it turns out to be just cloudy. So people think that it's not necessary to water that day.

Well said John, some pride is definitely required (as one of the elements necessary) for these boxes to thrive and survive.

Yes Thierry & John Smith, agreed. The BIA is good at complaining, but not that great at taking action. It also thrives on eating members alive and so, recently with the constant turnover at the BIA, including the disparaging of once active members, nothing much gets done.

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