Annette St & Keele St NW corner redevelopment of TTC loop


Work has been completed on the conversion for a while now, yet the design of space and probably more it’s location causes the new and quite nice space to infrequency used.

The wonderful lawn in the bottom image below  is great, though it could use some seating?

At the last Junction Residents Association meeting the space was bought up as great meeting space for community tours and walks, what else if could be used for requires some thinking.

updated Featured photo Aug 22 2023


Meeting and resting spaces are always nice. We have parks, but the compact urban square format is quite appealing. Also, these spaces can allow pedestrians to cut through a corner to save time.

I like this square, its clean and well landscaped but again we forgot to add benches. The lack of public seating in the Junction is beyond belief. 2 or 3 benches would be enough.

The Astral Medal benches cost the BIA $3200 each. I would nice if they budgeted to added 5 or 6 a year along Dundas.

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