Bloor West Village BIA uses Solar power


Lighting the tree lights and other festival electrical needs in the Bloor West Village BIA area is covered by the Sun, the big yellow thing in the sky, how wonderful. Enough said eh!


Installing solar panels for street lighting seems like a very wise capital project for a BIA to embark upon. I have doubts about the ability of the Junction BIA to come together and actually do something as bold as that without tearing themselves apart in the process.

I've seen these, and they are a great idea. I believe they might be powering the city's parking meters as well in some parts.

Is this a Bloor West BIA project or a city project? Who funded it? Any details available?

Answering my own question – it was a 2006 joint project with the cost of less than $300,00 split between the city and the BIA.

I have similar doubts about a BIA which can't even manage to have a website with their address on it. Right now it still has the months old CONTACT Festival promo….

was told it was a Bloor West BIA, but it could and probably had the 50/50 cost ratio the city uses with BIA's for projects such as this

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