Tagging in the Junction

Aug 14th 2009 008

Tagging in the Junction is becoming much more prevalent currently. The two guys own this house and rent it out as apartment really have a difficult time keeping graffiti off the side of their garage as it faces an laneway that fronts on to Vine parkette. Do the people on the south side of Vine Ave. see this happening?


I'm not one for putting out cash to dissuade people from damaging my property, but it seems like this step is necessary in this case if re-painting has been a failure. I would suggest repainting the wall once again, and then installing a wireless video camera system like the one below (along with a recording device… whether it be to your PC, VCR, etc):


Granted the cost is steep, but continually painting your garage involves time, labour, and supplies, and I think the camera outweighs this option.

2nd, I would suggest posting/positioning the camera at a visible point, along with a sign noting that "this area is under surveillance" or "smile for the camera "…etc. Basically tell them they're being watched. One of two things will happen: they'll stop, and go somewhere else (or stay and just not touch your property), or they'll throw stuff at / rip the camera down (but not if its high enough). If they rip the camera down, you're going to get a good image of who's doing damage to your property, which you can then give to the police to investigate, poster the neighbourhood with their photo until their parents see it (lets be realistic, these are kids doing these trash, not some adult with built-up angst and creative inspiration), etc. This will at least send the message that they're being watched, and you're not going to put up (whoever the owner is) with further property damage.

PS. If you need some advice on installing the camera, ask the gent who has one installed on his upper floor balcony, pointing at the road, about 8 houses up on vine from keele…

I've noticed a lot of tagging along the new West Toronto Railpath — all over the new signage and light poles. I dont mind the graffiti along here — I actually like it. But tagging is ugly and pointless. Good luck stopping it tho

On the rail paths is where bombing & tagging started "way back when". I agree, tagging is garbage and shouldn't happen… but if we could get more proper murals done along the path I think some respect would be shown to the artists and the "throw ups" (ie putting your name on a wall/building every and anywhere you can) would die down.

The Railpath planners brought in art and signage and paid attention to the details*, so I was also saddened to see the sheer mess of tags everywhere.

Was the mural done by a "graffiti artist", or was it one of those local public school arts and crafts murals?

Some people probably won't like this suggestion, but many municipalities have had success with their tagging problems by making building owners responsible for graffiti on their property and fining them if it isn't removed in a certain amount of time. Once kids see that first tag, they know they can get away with adding their own. Paint the wall.

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