Soil Day With John Slack – At Downsview Park Wednesday September 16th at 5pm

Soil Day With John Slack – At Downsview Park

Wednesday September 16th at 5pm

FoodCycles is a non-profit city farm, based in the Downsview Park. It raises worms, produces nutritious, vibrant soil and grows food.

The theme of this presentation will be:

“How and why to nourish your soil”.

Learn how to keep your soil healthy and productive. This presentation is especially important for organic gardeners. It will include a soil test demonstration for the fertility of the soil .

There will be an open discussion of gardening techniques and you will be able to ask John your gardening questions, and concerns.

Location: 70 Canuck Ave. Toronto Map Date: Wednesday September 16th

Time:from 5:00 – 6:30pm

We are planning a potluck and invite you to bring bring your favorite dish for your family or to share.

..Please bring bio-degradable, or re-usable plate and cup and cutlery

This lecture and demonstration is free but participants should register.

For more information, and to register, please contact Susan at

about Jack slack

excerpt from

By Rob Wallbridge – Special to The AgriNews

If John Slack had his way, farmers, especially organic farmers, would spend a lot less time worrying about the amount of soluble nutrients in their topsoil. The former mining prospector and current head of the Northern Organic Research and Development Co. (NORDC) spoke at the recent Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario symposium in Dixon’s Corners. According to Slack, the topsoil and its soluble nutrients are only a small, and even relatively unimportant, part of a much larger picture of what’s happening in the planet’s most complex system – the soil.

While he acknowledges the usefulness some soil test measures — cation exchange capacity and organic matter in particular – John Slack calls for a much more holistic approach to soil management. In particular, he wants us to pay attention to the geology and the microbiology of our soils.[link to complete article at agrinewsinteractive]

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