500 and 530 Keele St ramps and raised roadbed to be resurfaced

aug 27th 2009 133

The ramps (at rear, not visible from Keele St) and raised roadways are to be resurfaced this year according to the site staff of the industrial unit rental site.

This is a much welcomed contribution to the upkeep of the only “modern” built industrial building in the Junction. The building was planned and  built by the CPR Railroad to bridge the gap between rail and road haulage. It  was perfectly maintained during their ownership. In the past few years maintenance levels have declined. This may have to do with the new owners having to run the property at a much lower rental rate than the rail road.


There is so much more potential to the vast complex in the middle of the community. Some ideas to increase its use, and provide a higher revenue base for the upkeep: farmer's market or Sunday antique market like the one they have at the St Lawrence, art shows, or small performances on the raised ramps that run along the perimeter.

The raised ramp is in a brutal state of decay. Hunks of concrete are falling off it daily… definitely not safe (at this time) for something like a market, but in the future that would be a great idea

It's good to hear of any maintenance for this unique complex. It's an interesting example of a postwar Modern warehouse/industrial building, a visual connection to the decline of the railway in transportation and the rise in prominence of the truck. The hulking overhead loading docks suitable for long trailers are almost monumental and it's thoroughly Modern down to the fonts used for numbering and original signage. I'd hate to see it gone.

But it's in such bad shape. Why isn't there at least basic landscaping on that plot of land near Keele and West Toronto?

I agree with everything A.R. says, this is such an important building in this community. I can also understand what JV says as the building now is populated by such a strange assortment of "character” businesses, long gone are the Weston bakeries of the 70's and the IVEX's of the 80's and 90's. Companies which once occupied large groups of units.

..not completely sure but the property is probably core industrial land so – the city would not allow retail or housing development on the site. In addition from personal experience from working in the building the 80’s though early 90’s it is one tough building with a much greater stress and weight load capabilities than many other industrial buildings.

Refreshing the landscaping would be great and really help the buildings ‘opinion” in the community.

A ruined eyesore with crappy ads for bargain mattresses plastered all over it no matter how “historically significant” is not what this section of Keele Street needs. Perhaps the new owners can clean it up, regulate the design for signage and ensure that it doesn’t scream “who cares about you and you nieghbourhood”

Then maybe I’ll change my mind, but right now I’d still like to see it gone.

Agreed in looks bad now, while taking the image the blog informed them that in the past – when the CPR owed the building the upkeep was much better.

I really dislike the ads also, would like to see them removed – I think they all lack permits.

Yeah, if properly maintained it could be a genuinely positive part of the neighbourhood for its uniqueness. But then you can't maintain something that has been demolished. Plenty of great Victorian buildings were demolished in the past and replaced by very cheap buildings. So its all about maintenance and that's probably the best thing to advocate. There's really no reason to want to see it gone if a better alternative is available.

AR: I took a walk around the site today and it needs a lot more work then surface resurfacing. I agree if it WAS properly maintained it could have been a positive part of neighbourhood.

Plus its also a home for several squatters. The old broken down smashed trailor that was previously in the lot of 55 Vine is now set up and still shanty right underneath this very building (facing Keele to the left of the driveway in). The old man that used to skulk around the lot is living in that trailor again. There are also 3 other smashed up trailors sitting there too. Little to no property care as is obvious by a walk around. Such a dirty place which is funny considering that there is an industrial cleaning supplier right on site.

It's actually getting sad this side of the tracks (northside), in the last few days I have seen prostitutes working Junction Street and Cawthtra. There was a syrynge at the corner of Llyod and Mulock just laying on the ground less then 20 meters from little kids homes. The homeless guys are always asking for money around the Staples…

It starts with the lack of repair to the houses and buildings on Keele, the streets and sidewalks littered and never cleaned under the Keele brige and north of there. The rooming house at Keele and Hirons is a nightmare and the squatters at the aforementioned building aren't helping.

We need to clean up this side of the tracks now, or those south of here will have BIG issues soon enough.

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