Junction building repair and building update for the area around Pacific Ave.

sept 1tst 2009 028

sept 1tst 2009 029

Facade improvement activities in the Junction continue with the building located on the southwest Dundas St. West and Pacific Ave which houses the local candy shop having the paint removed from the brick.

The back of the building looks wonderful with the paint removed; now we have to wait and see to what degree the repair to actual damaged bricks will take place.

sept 1tst 2009 026

This image of the rear of the old Stereo King store location at 2989 Dundas St west. While detailing the progress of the project., the image also signals a question of why they choose add a third floor rather than extend the second floor out to the back of the 1st floor building. The staircase to the 3rd floor will eat up a lot of floor space at the 3rd floor level for such a small floor plate addition.

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Architecturally, I think this design will be a great feature for the neighbourhood. I like that they're also keeping the original Dundas facade (hopefully). I wonder what will happen at street level …it doesn't look like they're searching for tenants.
Also, great to see the Pacific Ave building getting fixed up too. Lets hope the original brickwork is respected.

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