orange telephone a call for attention to the issue?

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Commenter A.R pointed out the possibility  and commenter Liz provided in the comments section this most probable reason for the orange telephone.

The practice started in Detroit by painting the abandoned houses bright orange so that people would notice and have them removed before they collapsed and hurt someone. Someone must have learned about it, and is using the same tactic for: “Look at this! It’s abandoned and doesn’t work, don’t ignore it get Rid of it.” (usually works too)  Liz

the blog Googled it and hers an article at the thedetroiter [link]

So whoever did this ……keep going, (and send the blog the location so we can get a picture), hopefully this will cause action to have the non working telephones  removed


Great idea, if this is the case. But why the need to tag the building beside it?

Also, who would residents contact to have it removed?

Agree that it's a great idea, but ya – why hit the building as well? That part makes me think its more graffiti than activism. As for removal – it's usually up to the property owner, as we found out with our building on St. John's Rd.

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