Soil testing at site near St Clair Ave. West and Runnymede Rd.. this past Friday

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Friday September 18th there was a considerable effort being made drilling to test the soil conditions on the auto center site at St Clair Ave. west and  Runnymede Road.

Two different drilling rigs worked on the site. Testing the site at this time when St Clair Ave. west is being revamped and upgraded has the blog wondering… is the site being sold as a development site ?, or simply being sold or tested for some form of  financing.


This Stretch of St. Cair is a real mix of old, new, shabby and nice but whatever way you look at it now you won’t recognize it in 10 or even 5 years.

The street is being widened to two lanes across from the burnt-out building and soon to be repaved. The Wal-Mart to Jane section is being heavily built up now . The new shopping centre will bring new life and traffic to Keele. The TTC plans to extend the streetcar along this stretch as well but that work is along way off.

The City is currently doing an Avenues Study which layouts out a plan for development on St Clair from Keele to Jane. They will hold community meetings for help with the design so keep an eye for the notice.

Hopefully you can post a reminder, because it looks like a long shot, but I think that St. Clair has the potential to leave the used car laws and empty businesses behind in favour of a mature, modern urban community with some low to midrise condos or offices.

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