Toronto Star Article -Dundas West businesses between Dovercourt Rd. and Lansdowne Ave. fight to save parking spots

from the story…

Businesses on Dundas St. West say they will consider their legal options if Toronto City Council votes this week to eliminate rush-hour parking and cut other round-the-clock spots on their street between Dovercourt Rd. and Lansdowne Ave.

The city plan, which would also put pay-and-display parking on side streets and eliminate 51 permit-parking spots will devastate some small businesses, according to the Dundas West Business Improvement Area.

“It’s difficult enough to run a live music venue – we’re just worried this will put us over the edge,” said Tracy Jenkins, general manager of Lula Lounge. “I really don’t know if we could survive. We’re already struggling with the economic downturn.”

The city has justified its decision based on a TTC study that compared traffic flow in March 2006 to the same month in 2008, said Sylvia Fernandez, head of the BIA

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"devastate some small businesses"… please, this tired old argument again? If your business is located in downtown Toronto and your clients are solely car-based, then why not move further out of the city for cheaper rent and better parking options? We live in a city that has a great and hopefully ever-expanding transit and bike lane system…. what're they really complaining about here?

The fight against Adam Giambrone and bike lanes on Dundas is becoming absolutely ridiculous.

Definitely, Thierry. The concentration of businesses on older city blocks is high and parking is low. So businesses need in locations like this should prosper with customers who don't need parking: locals, transit users, and cyclists. And locals who drive to their neighbourhood stores need to remember that walking is positive for themselves and their neighbourhood.

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