238 Annette Street – Coffee Shop Proposal

238 ANNETTE ST -  new coffee shop 001

A zoning review application has been submitted to the city for the former variety store on the corner of Quebec and Annette.  The application description states  “Propose to create coffee shop with 28 seats. Previously a retail store in existence prior to zoning bylaw”

This stretch of Annette is zoned “Residential General” which does not permit a commercial application.  However this building has been commercial for the better part of a hundred years so the application will likely be permitted and the new coffee shop a welcome addition to the Junction.

Submitted by Martin L, Junction Residents Assoc. development lead


Met the lovely owners as they started renos – it only makes sense for Annette to have a little neighbourhood cafe here (and steps from my house, on my way to Wise Daughters every day!). I'm delighted!

At the risk of going against the grain, do we really need another coffee shop in the Junction?? Seems like business owners are lacking some creativity when it comes to business ideas

I regularly see people walk into Crema only to turn around and walk out because of the long lines so I assume we could use another café.

I hope this one will be more of breakfast and lunch place like The Beet and less of a coffee and snacks place like Crema.

Zoning is what has allowed Mississauga and the rest of the 905 to have sprawling, automobile oriented development. We should allow more mixed uses for the pedestrian, and not the automobile.

Rumor has it that it will be more like a cafe style coffee shop serving paninis, pastries, etc. with the intent of catering to both the neighbourhood and lunch crowd (from the school)

I'd frequent a trendy kid friendly breakfast place that I can walk too from my place, but not so much a coffee shop.

Catering to the high school crowd is a recipe for failure. Better to swoon the locals then try and pan to the kids (imho)

Perhaps…perhaps not. Regardless, I'm of the opinion to let the business and market dictate their success (e.g. Crema) or failure (e.g. Psychic Services on Dundas). My guess is that the owner would like to attract both. If it swooned the locals, kids would most likely go anyway. I'm not sure if it would work the other way around….

I'll still check it out when (if) it finally opens (unless they have a change of heart and decide to offer psychic counseling).

lol SN

I've seen businesses cater to a specific crowd before, and I never see it as being a smart move (limiting your market).

For example, the people who own and operate the Gingerbread Cafe on Dundas W. are really nice, but they've severely limited their market by making the business revolve around parents and kids. Who in their right mind would go in there if they are not: A) a parent, or B) a child? They then lose business to "Cool Hand of a Girl" (I think thats the name of the place?) where people can sit in silence and enjoy their coffee. This is just a local example.

Regardless, I wish them success regardless of the business model.

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