IS CANADA POST going to close down the Junction storefront post office?

Junction Post office PM

We have not been able to get down to the post office today, but people are reporting the post office operators  are asking people to sign a petition to save the Junction Gardens post office as Canada Post is attempting to close it down.


I hope this isn’t true, it’s the only post office we have. I

sent a package from hear yesterday and they didn’t have any petition out then.

I spoke to post office attendant this afternoon and she said Canada Post notified them yesterday saying "they are too small to implement Canada Post's new system".

I'm not sure what too small is but if they no longer qualify so do about 10,000 others in Canada.

Bad news for small business and The Junction

These types of services are exactly what builds community. The government is encouraging people not to use cars, but yet neighbourhood services are at risk of being closed. What's next – no door to door mail service? With a need to build services for the increasing senior population, losing a local postal outlet is a problem. Do you know where and how Canada Post proposes to replace this particular outlet? Will it reopen the Postal Station on Keele to the public? I have packages to send too. I don't have a car and lugging them on public transit is not an option.

Absolutely great! I am guessing the nearest one is the Shoppers Drug Mart on Keele near St Clair?, quite a bit more of a walk. Guess if anything needs posting give to OH to send at work lol

That's foolish. How do you have a community this dense without a post office? I bet they'll open a new "consolidated" location in the big box zone, with its vast expanses of parking lot. That must be how the people who run these organizations think, probably making hundreds of thousands of dollars and living a suburban lifestyle.

Basically the same thing which happened to the banks is happening here.

Fully agree with A.R. The Junction lost all the bank branches as they moved to stockyards big box land.

… the blog emailed Canada Post and was given a name so we emailed that person will post the response,

Canada Post doesn't have a clue…

I live on Mulock Ave and for some reason we have to go to Jane Park Plaza to get our mail. According to the Canada Post website there are 6 post offices closer to us, including one at the top of our street.

Another blow for the Junction. And for the idependent small business owner and the small customer. A chain store outside the Junction sucks money away from a local place. Incidentally, don't try entering Shopper's carrying a shopping bag. You cannot even walk in the front of the store from the street and bus stop. You have to walk to the rear where motorists park.

Let's hope the Grand Bargain owner stays open for local customers. He can sell stamps and products and take the mail to Station D himself. Not very profitable but a service the public may like.

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