2989 Dundas Street West Update

JRA - 2989 Dundas Street West Update - Oct 28 2009 (1)

Work continues with the major renovation to 2989 Dundas Street West with dozens of drywall sheets being delivered on Saturday.

This project (Demolish and rebuild 2 floors… convert 4 apartment units into 1 apartment unit, and interior alterations to G/F) is one of the biggest and most recent gentrification project to the Junction.

The final product is going to be interesting and original, you can get a good view from the No Frills parking lot.

submitted by Martin L. Junction residents association urban chair


Losing 3 apartments is the biggest gentrification project in the Junction? Three lousy apartments? A bit of an overblown statement don't you think. If 8 people share the living space does that compensate?

Can you name a bigger apartment conversion project?

If the ground floor area is an indicator this apartment is in the 3000 to 4000 sq,ft. range

My comment wasn't meant to doubt the size of the project, it may very well be the biggest, my comment was on how it was phrased. I hardly think losing 3 apartments qualifies as gentrification.

Just so I know where your head space is, if I buy a detached house with 4 units and decide that I want it to be a single family dwelling because I love the Junction area, Am I gentrifying the neighbourhood or am I restoring a house to it's former glory? You can't have it both ways.

BTW what does the size of an apartment have to do with anything?

I was referring to the actual size of the project not its impact on Junction gentrification.

Back to a better Friday afternoon topic, gentrification is a change in an urban area resulting from wealthier people buying housing property in a less prosperous community. The results are average income and prices go up which pushes out lower-income residents. The state of the neighbourhood before its decline has nothing to do with it.

Using this definition buying a converted apartment house and turning it back to a single family home is absolutely gentrification and its happening all over the Junction.

I did it myself.

Theirry says
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LOL…. all patting each other on the back no doubt!

Seems I'm being censored as several of my comments are "awaiting moderation" even though they contain no vulgar language or are of a suggestive nature. Classic "established" Junction mentality…. go along with the crowd or be silenced.

Guess i'll have to come up with a new user name every time I post, as I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon!

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