Guffin's hardware a model for Junction businesses?

As many readers of this blog may remember this author saddens when walking thorough the Junction by the lack of “street merchandising” conducted by the Junction retail business.  Guffin’s Hardware  just blocks away does a great job in this area. AT one time the Junction had 3 hardware stores conducting their enterprise in this manner. Bloor West Village has a number of fresh fruits and vegetable retailers doing the same.

With similar sidewalk widths this author still wonders why this is so lacking in the Junction.



I have to say I am really NOT a fan of having businesses pile all thier stuff out on the sidewalk. Usually it's the sale stuff that isn't selling. I think good window displays are sufficient.

agreed if it's old stuff that's not selling, it would not be good for the street scape. Yet is'nt a good display of fresh fruit and veg welcome.

The guy with the bike shop at Keele piles his bikes so deep it's annoying, I've seen mothers with strollers having a hell of time trying to get through his mess…

I'm all for it as long as it is kept within reason.

A fresh Fruit and Veg market would be great!

YES North Junction Resident!!! That bike shop annoys the life out of me… what permit enables him to lay his crap on the sidewalk like that? Its a deathtrap and a major pinch-point when walking along Dundas W. to or from Keele.

So what you're saying is that you enjoy looking at Brooms and crap on the sidewalk? Have you seen the dollar store at Heintzman? Nasty!!

I'm surprised that this blog doesnt take the opposite stance. Come on now, that crap is ugly to look at!

Yes I like the brooms and dislike the bike guy and the dollar store at Heintzman

Store can do it well just look at Bloor West V.

By the way the bike guy and the dollar store at Heintzman are breaking a bylaw in the way they do it and the hardware store is not.

So call in the bylaw enforcement then Junctioneer!! I called on the A-frame signs from the Money Mart and they were there the next day.

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