Canada Bread factory – be a nosy neighbour

april-3-2009-032Canada bread truck and driver quickly moving trailer around, next to the lot that once was the Moore Paint factory.

One capital night walk in the Junction is  along Cawthra Ave, just above the tracks and off Junction Rd. Walking down this Ave on a  evening after dark will allow you  view the action at the Canada Bread plant. On some nights  the loading area dock will be open and you can get a view inside plant. This plant get very busy overnight with all the workers working quickly and in industrious manner.

While many people perceive the Junction by viewing and drawing opinions from the retail business sector and the residential  character, viewing the  the industry in the area can provide the complete Junction picture
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I can't even tell what the message is that you're trying to convey here!

It seems that this plant will be closing.–canada-bread-to-close-3-gta-bakeries#photo Canada Bread

The hulking Canada Bread bakery in Toronto's Liberty Village is one of three aging plants in the Greater Toronto Area the national bread maker says it plans to close by 2013 to make way for a more modern facility somewhere in southwestern Ontario.

The company, whose main brand is Dempster's bread, announced the plan Tuesday, saying it would invest $100 million in a new state-of-the-art bakery that would be the largest of its kind in Canada.

Negotiations with various municipalities would begin this week for a suitable location for the 370,000-square-foot facility, company spokeswoman Jeanette Jones said.

The decision will affect 435 employees, the company said. They'll be given an opportunity to consider jobs at the new plant, which will employ 300 people, or in the remaining 13 facilities in Toronto operated by Canada Bread or its parent, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Canada Bread said it expects the cost of restructuring its business to amount to $25 million, including decommissioning and severance, over the three-year period.

"For anyone who is not looking to make the move, we will ensure they're treated fairly and respectfully and obviously with severance and benefits protection in excess of the provincial and employment standards," Jones added.

The bakery on Fraser Ave. is a bit of a landmark, visible to traffic on the westbound Gardiner Expressway and GO trains heading for Oakville and beyond.

The building is about 100 years old and has been used as a bakery for the past 50, Jones said.

Located on what was once prime industrial land because of its proximity to the CN rail tracks, the building is now part of Liberty Village, a cluster of art, design and media companies and loft-style condos near King and Dufferin Sts. The other plants are on Cawthra Ave. in the Keele St.-St. Clair Ave. area and on Rakely Court in Etobicoke.

"This new bakery facility will be the largest in Canada and … significantly improve efficiencies in our manufacturing and supply chain," said Richard Lan, president and chief executive of Canada Bread.

The company expects to choose a location by the end of March, begin construction six months later and have the first production line up and running 12 months after that.

The three existing plants would be closed over two years, with the first shuttered in late-2011 and the last in early 2013.

The Company will close its three existing bakeries in the Greater Toronto Area which have aging assets that have been further constrained by urban development and cannot support the business' long-term growth. Production will be transitioned over a two-year period as operations at the three plants are wound down, with the first bakery currently expected to close in late-2011, the next in early 2012 and the third in early 2013. Employees will be given opportunities to consider the 300 positions at the new facility or other available jobs elsewhere across the Company's operations

Does anyone know in which the three sites will be closing ?

Expected to close in late-2011, the next in early 2012 and the third in early 2013.

Liberty Village
Cawthra Ave. in the Keele St.-St. Clair Ave
Rakely Court in Etobicoke

Sorry Typo

Does anyone know in which order the three sites will be closing ?

Expected to close in late-2011, the next in early 2012 and the third in early 2013.

Liberty Village
Cawthra Ave. in the Keele St.-St. Clair Ave
Rakely Court in Etobicoke

It seems that the Cawthra Ave plant will be the first one to close according to this blogTO site.

Clay hopes that the Fraser plant will be the last of the three bakeries to close, but Jones later tells me that it'll be the second – due to turn off its ovens in 2012, after Cawthra and before Etobicoke. But it's the smell that Clay says she'll miss most of all: "They're wonderful neighbours – one of the claims of Liberty Village is the smell of fresh bread in the neighbourhood. It's obvious that we're going to miss the people and what they add to the area, but it's that smell of fresh bread that'll be a loss for us."

1) Cawthra Ave. – in the Keele St.-St. Clair Ave "Year 2011"
2) Fraser Avenue in Liberty Village "Year 2012"
3) Rakely Court in Etobicoke "Year 2013"

For further information: Media Contact: Jeanette Jones, VP Communications, Ph: (416) 926-2020; Investor Contact: Michael Vels, CFO, Ph: (416) 926-2028

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