Diamond Taxicab Association station remnants

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Inside the area of the city that most people consider the Junction, much of the history is being removed in the current reworking of the facades and structure of many buildings.
With this post the blog would like bring to notice  the remnants of the Diamond Taxi Association station at the North East corner of Dundas St West and Runnymede Rd. Remnants of the old station are  difficult to be aware of if you have no idea of the history of the corner. But at the North East corner of the intersection behind the restaurant  is a small parking lot  which still retains two artifacts of the taxi stand which was in use into the 70’s.
Its survival, is probably because of,  simple economics: the gentrification of the Junction has not reached this corner yet so building owners do not  rework their buildings, not wanting the expensive.
There are classic places and architecture all over the Junction area of the old “Junction” scattered throughout the strip and the surrounding streets. But the  pieces, often viewed as  nostalgia are quickly being removed.


Well this "office" looks ugly as some sort of cheap addition by someone without any experience in building anything. Look at those crooked windows in the picture. The addition looks like it'll collapse one day. The Victorian block has also been stripped of much of its original character throughout the years.

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