43 Junction Road – St Marys Cement Co – major lot clean up as West Toronto Diamond Project moves in


The silo lot at 43 Junction Road has gone though a clean up in the past few months. The cleanup  now may be complete.  Much of this cleanup has been a reuse of the lot from  the disorganized use of the lot as a parking lot for other local businesses and general property wear and tear of the west side of lot – the west side of the silos. Also the general debris of years is gone, and the silos secured to ingress :-(.

West of the silos, fewer trucks are parked at the site and those which are still there as parked in a more organized layout. The east side of the silos and between the two groups, and at the back of the lot, the Go Transit West Toronto Diamond project has used the lot for about two months. They have set up a portable office and are storing earth moving machinery on the site.

All the while the St Marys Cement Co continues its operations. St Marys Cement use of the silos for a railcar offload and distribution  operation is viewed by this author as  great adaptive use of the built infrastructure of the Junction.

The cleanup and the removal of the truck trailers is currently allowing a great view of the warehoused section of the buildings on the site.DSC05353


Only the western silo is in use; the other one is derelict. I'm glad to that they're taking steps to clean up this site. I'd really like to see it redeveloped as it has really declined. It must have been an impressively large operation back in the Maple Leaf Mills days.

I would like to see it developed too A.R., but my preference would be an adaptive use like the cement one being expanded. Of course with environmental and quality of life set standards for the for the community.

Maybe some light industrial use?

They cut down a lot of trees and clear cut the bushes, yet they managed to leave every piece of litter and garbage untouched.

In the danger of being bombarded by the "light industrialists" it would be nice to see it turned into artists lofts. The area's roads can't take anymore trucks.

No More Factories or Industrial uses… Enough is Enough…. No more smelly smells, ugly looking buildings, mechanic shops and trucks…. It is not a industrial area any more… Lets have some nice looking residential homes, lofts or condos, with parkland…..

We want something nice to look at for a change off of Mulock Avenue….

The area is zoned industrial, and given that extensive site and soil remediation is likely to be required to transition to light commercial or residential, I doubt that there would be a developer ready to take on such a project.

I am curious as to what St. Mary's cement's plans are for the short and long term for the site. While industrial activities don't make great residential neighbours, I certainly think that where appropriate, such as this site, they should be encouraged.

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